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RDS January 2014 BotM (Lambeau Leapers)

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]Lambeau Leapers

Celebrating its very second year with Runboard ]Lambeau Leapers is a fabulous message board. Dedicated to all things Green Bay Packers the Lambeau Leapers message board is looking forward to welcoming Packer's fans from around the world. Congratulations on the win Lambeau Leapers.


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3/8/2014, 2:09 pm Link to post Email Pastor Rick   PM Pastor Rick Blog
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Many thanks to PKCaptSun for taking the time to answer our Runboard Survey!

> 1. What made you decide to start a board?

Pastor Rick talked about it and it sounded like a way to make contact with other people.

> 2. What made you choose Runboard?

Pastor Rick is a resource to explain how things work. It's easy to use and it's free.

> 3. What's your target audience?

Anyone interested in the Green Bay Packers to start, and NFL football in general.

> 4. How did you get people to join? How did you advertise your board?

I posted on the Directory and advertised on other boards. I've also mentioned Runboard on Twitter and Facebook.

> 5. What's the central theme of your board?

The Green Bay Packers.

> 6. What are the board rules and how important are they?

The rules are basic. No adult content. Be courteous to other members. Post in the appropriate forum. Limit the size of photos posted. We welcome advertisements for boards and competitions.

The rules are important but I don't want the board to be more about the rules than the subject. The first two are most important, especially number one as it ties in with one of the big rules of Runboard itself.

> 7. How important is the look and feel of the board? Or, is content and member involvement more important?

I'm a very artistic person so the look of any board is what catches my eye first. Member involvement is extremely important though, regardless of content or visual appeal. Without member activity what is the point of improving on the other aspects? No one but the owner would see it.

> 8. How do you keep interest up?

By trying to expand upon the content and making the board diverse. I also to tie in other areas of interest such as photography, crafts, cooking and collectibles.

> 9. What's the best feature of your board?


> 10. What are your plans for the future, boardwise?

I can't say as I have any really specific plans other than trying even harder to bring in new members. My dream would be to attract actual Packers players as members.

> 11. What would be your advice to a new Board owner?

My first advice is to choose a subject that you love. Your enthusiasm is important to bringing in and keeping members. As a member I have found that I have a hard time staying interested if I perceive that the owner isn't. Remain active on your own board.

Don't let yourself become easily disappointed if your board isn't an instant sensation. Tough it out and keep working.

Advertise. Find other boards with related subjects and promote your board there if it is allowed. Utilize other media, i.e. Twitter and Facebook to promote your board.

Ask for advice from Runboard veterans.


3/9/2014, 2:36 pm Link to post Email Justbec   PM Justbec
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Hi PK! Congratulations on your win!

I think your board looks very inviting and I hope you get many posters. That would be great if you could attract some Packers player!


3/9/2014, 3:26 pm Link to post PM Susa Blog
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Re: RDS January 2014 BotM (Lambeau Leapers)

I would certainly welcome more members. Much like my Packers I don't give up. I'll keep the board going as long as I can. There will be a number of new photos posted soon that were taken during the game against Dallas.

When I first started the board I tweeted a number of Packers players on Twitter to invite them to join. It would certainly give me bragging rights if I could finally land some.

I'll be attending the Jordy Nelson Charity Softball game in June so there will be something new to write about and post photos from later on. The game is Packers offense vs defense.

BOTM Winner Dec 2008 Aug 2009

3/10/2014, 8:08 am Link to post Email PKCaptSun   PM PKCaptSun MSN Yahoo

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