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Warhammer Quest

]Warhammer Quest

The Warhammer Quest message board's current description (at the time of this post):

This board celebrates & discusses Warhammer Quest, Games Workshop's game of dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World, and custom things related to it. The dungeon crawl board game is played with or without a GM, advanced rules, & role play options.

The description is limited to 250 characters... There is also some serious hobby activity going on with Warhammer Quest, where fans paint models for the game and even create 3-D dungeon environments to be used in place of the original 2-D game tiles.

We welcome all veterans of Warhammer Quest and newbies to join in the discussion and celebration of this magnificent, adventurous game!

Perhaps there will be even more interest in this out of print game since it has been remade as an iOS app. emoticon

Old Warrior

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This sounds like a great board! I sure hope that it takes off.

I am putting you in the INDEX on this forum now.


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