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Retired Mad Scientist

Are you a Mad Scientist?

Can you believe how easily amused most people are?
I am not easily amused; I need something more interesting than most settle for.

I began as Kid Mad Scientist. I was always making homemade rockets and other weird, fun things as a kid. I used to make boats from dumped building materials and such. Canoes, sailboats (most of which sank with me in it) - the kids who ran with me had fun.

During my world travels, especially in the Third World, I noted the resourcefulness of kids. Kids who did the same sort of things I used to do - except most of them did it for survival where I did it for fun.

The Nile is full of kids who have built boats from trash - they run little businesses like fishing and trading and such.

Compare that to my country's Xbox addled boring kids.

Ever known a resourceful kid? One who has a business? Makes money? I had my first business at 7 - I'd get old cards that people threw out, and sell them door to door. Housewives were so taken by me that they'd actually buy them! I had a wallet with folding green when I was 7 years old!

I had a business (well hobby) where I'd ride my bike around neighborhoods at night looking for bikes people left by the street for trash pickup, and tow them home. Usually found about two a night, and got my good exercise.
I'd strip them down to parts. Repaint the frames, take good parts and clean-polish-etc them up. A few shot up bikes could make a nice one.

On a boring Sunday afternoon I'd take five or so in my car to a shopping center, and set up in a quiet corner of the parking lot. BIKES FOR SALE. Read a book in my lawn chair, get a tan.

The Mad Scientist was when I'd use bike parts to build odd machines with sprockets and cables and such. I never lived anywhere that I couldn't set up a small workshop - and my motto was ALL FOR FREE A FREE FOR ALL. I made an art of salvaging free supplies - paint, oil, whatever I used - for my creations.

By the way - gals find such men attractive believe it or not. Interesting is sexy.

Usually my Mad Inventions didn't stay around long - people would see me with them and want to buy them. For fun I took some old tubing and a diving mask and made a Captain Nemo underwater snorkel with a towed float; while testing it at the beach I drew a crowd - one of whom bought it for a nice sum!

One of my pursuits is the Kill Proof Motorcycle. I work mainly with aerodynamic hulls (mainly on paper) for bikes. Air brake panels, stabilizers, ac and heating, crash bars and webs.

Of course I'm a Retired Mad Scientist now, which means I do it for fun, not profit. Man is it FUN.

Mad Scientists of the World Unite!
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Re: Retired Mad Scientist

The Categories are meant to advertise Runboards. I'm moving this to General Chat.


- Firlefanz

Reading: "Optatio Onyx" - Timo Bader (ed.)
Writing: Planning the rewrite of "Evelina"

The Runboard Directory.
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Re: Retired Mad Scientist

That is way cool.Now it has me thinking about these bikes sitting in the back of the house.We have five of them and they all are in need of minor repairs.Good food for thought. Thanks.


Be Your Best, Do What It Takes, Have What You Want!!!
You can achieve your personal best!!
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