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July 3, 2005 at 8:16am

well, well, well. what have I gotten myself into... my parents don't agree with me having so many numerous sites and administering so many sites so this becomes a public announcement:

-I will continue to own and opperate the NJO and the URPA
-conspiracy, directory, and celebrate freedom will be discontinued immediately
-I will continue to administrate Games R Us but it will be owned by another of my names.

in addition, my administration time will also be limited:
- I will continue work on the Junland wastes
- I will not continue work on; rekka's realm, bailans tg, rebelion, republic senate and will resign from admin positions immediately, however I will continue to be a member of these sites by posting, etc.

since my drago directory will be discontinued, I will resume it's items within my blog page including-

-links to my most frequented sites
-list of my user names
-personal psychology notes
-guest book (pm me with title "guest book" in heading and, if appropriate, I will add it in)

sorry for any inconvenience, but house rules are house rules.

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Character: Drago Xavier Lordist The real me: very private, OCD Dob:8/11/1988 Dragon and Leo Location: Southwest Missouri Hair: dark blonde IQ: Be afraid Einstein... College Plans: Major in Drama; Minor in Comp. Tech. ; Maybe a doctrine in Psychology due to a long lasting desire to be called "Doctor"... Likes: spicy food, dogs, technology




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