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Hurricane Katrina

September 2, 2005 at 3:35am

Victims of this hurricane, you are not alone - missouri has made arrangements for all school children to be enroled as homeless recieving financial benefits and being admitted into the schools without proof of insurance, residence, or birth certificates if Iunderstand correctly. Our school is even having a collection to try and support these victims. You are not alone, America is behind you. You have our prayers.


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Psychology note : viva la technology!

August 30, 2005 at 10:07pm

some random thoughts on the concept of advancement and technology:

haven't you noticed how much power goes to the internet now days? movie reviews, books, sites like our own? soon the internet will rule all - and we are at the top of this Atlas rocket called progress. it won't be long before our government is ruled through the web - jury's watch streaming details of the courts, submitting their votes through email. hackers have long been gone because the governments hacked back... and again, we are at the head of the line. this WILL be a good thing, for it is our future. it is progress. it will rock.

the internet will rule everything...
the president of the world (having become one entity since world peace was achieved (through WW3)) will be known only through their screen name....
noone will know who it is....
but through one unanimously hacked vote - one single WEB entity will rule....
I look forward to that day...
and I hope it will be me.... Image

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Psychology note: Age

July 3, 2005 at 8:28am

I'd like to start off by saying that this is nothing one individual brought on, I just felt like making a point clear.

Yes, I’m 16. I've never tried to hide it; I’ve never said I wasn't. But before you go saying to yourself, "Oh, he's just a teen," I want you to hear me out and then make your decision.

I have always acted like an adult; I've been a loner and an outsider since I was 6. It has always been perceived that I was at least 2-3 years older than I really am.

How many teens do you know that understand the basics to psychology? Friends and family have always looked to me for advice and I always look at an argument from a "Whole Picture" perspective.

How many teenagers do you know that understand Einstein's theory of relativity? That in space, larger bodies create almost a dent in space and that is why light and planets are pulled toward stars, or any physics theory for that instance?

How many do you know that have written books? Have read a full school library's full of books? I've always had literature as a hobby.

How many had their career planned at 12? That was easy, I wanted to act, to bring the same joy I got from watching movies to another era. And since the career isn't always promising, I have a career as a computer technician to lean back on.

How many people do you know at all that have never felt nervous? Now, this might not exactly be a good thing, but I have always faced each challenge head on and I see that as a strongsuit."Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to look past it towards your goal."

And so I ask you, how many have done these things and still been considered a "child"? I ask nothing of you but to treat me like the adult I am, and always have been. If you can't do that, then why should I treat you any differently? Do unto others.

I am 1 in a 1,000,000. I am a bridge between adults and your children. I am a tying bond between generations X and Z. I understand both worlds. Do you? Give me the respect of an adult and I will return the favor. Simple as that in my book.

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sites and sn's

July 3, 2005 at 8:21am

owner of:

Admin of:

Member of:

Drago Lordist, DroneofDrago, Recruiter, Yurpa, Messageboard Tycoon

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July 3, 2005 at 8:16am

well, well, well. what have I gotten myself into... my parents don't agree with me having so many numerous sites and administering so many sites so this becomes a public announcement:

-I will continue to own and opperate the NJO and the URPA
-conspiracy, directory, and celebrate freedom will be discontinued immediately
-I will continue to administrate Games R Us but it will be owned by another of my names.

in addition, my administration time will also be limited:
- I will continue work on the Junland wastes
- I will not continue work on; rekka's realm, bailans tg, rebelion, republic senate and will resign from admin positions immediately, however I will continue to be a member of these sites by posting, etc.

since my drago directory will be discontinued, I will resume it's items within my blog page including-

-links to my most frequented sites
-list of my user names
-personal psychology notes
-guest book (pm me with title "guest book" in heading and, if appropriate, I will add it in)

sorry for any inconvenience, but house rules are house rules.

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