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posticon The 'Burbs Online Community ~ Attention all 'Burbites!

Hey there!
I'm the Burbmistress at my board. It is a fan forum for all [obsessed or not]fans of the dark comedy film, The 'Burbs. It stars Tom Hanks, and has a wonderfully funny cast. It's a great and addictive film. We are a very friendly, neighborly bunch, and love getting new neighbors. So please stop by, and have a nice, neighborly chat with us. I'll bring brownies and or sardines. emoticon We have caption contests, quoting battles and more. Have a beer or the occasional cigar if you wish.

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Re: Attention all 'Burbites!

Welcome BonnieRumsfield ~ glad you were able to pop in and let us know a little something about your board.

You have done a great job with it, the folks are as friendly as can be and I hope you will see more folks moving into the neighborhood emoticon

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