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posticon Staff Changes

Ownership of the RB Directory has been turned over to me while Firlefanz pursues a real life amongst the literary masters. Ernest Hemingway, move over! Firle will still be active on the Support board and will be an Admin here so when taking pen to paper becomes a trial and a labor she can always return to help us out.

Pastor Rick has agreed to make even more time in his busy schedule as an Admin so there will always be someone around to go to with issues.

Other changes will be announced as they occur or you will see them and simply be amazed at how utterly talented we are. (this is where you nod your head in agreement)

The Directory Staff are looking forward to 2008 and the challenges and triumphs we can expect.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

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Re: Staff Changes


The Staff at The RunBoard Directory has been really busy working on a surprise for Christmas this year (some of you may have gotten a pm from me that relates to it). We hope you like it and will spread the word because this board isn't just for RunBoard but for ALL the great boards and board owners out there.

This will be my first project as a admin so wish me luck, I have some big shoes to fill and a great tradition to uphold.

Thank you Firle for the wonderful board and all the support you have given each of us over the years. You are the best emoticon


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