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posticon Extended downtimes and database cleanup

Lesigner Girl wrote:

Thor has been doing a major database cleanup since Thursday, and will be doing some more this week. Since there is so much to clean up, he's doing it in segments, rather than keeping RB down for several hours in one shot.

Once the cleanup is finished, backups should go much more quickly, because there will be a lot less to back up.

He's doing this immediately after each regularly scheduled backup, and if you try to access Runboard during this time, you'll see:

The site is under maintenance. Downtime is expected to last for about 1 hour. Reason: Database clean-up.

There will also be a link to the chat room, so feel free to pop in there while you wait.

Sorry for the inconvenience with the extended downtimes, but once this is finished, we can all celebrate shorter downtimes than we had before this cleanup started.

This is the first post over in Runboard Support about what is going on lately with longer than normal downtimes. Updates and discussion concerning this topic are located at Runboard Support (here).


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