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TEOMCROTE: Civilization Insurance

TEOTWAWKI preparation is about everything you need to know about a [possible or imminent] cataclysm in 2012.
It's also about everything that you need to do now.

I cover a lot of health topics, as well, because you'll be needing it.

Every 13.000 years the Earth is wiped clean. Civilization cannot survive it. The science is there, as is the logic and common sense about it. I cover all these aspects, link to sources, and suggest action.

This is NOT about preparing for a limited cataclysm as just about all so-called preppers in the world seem to be talking about. This is about dealing with the reason why mankind's civilization only goes back a few thousand years (which makes no sense at all if you start thinking about it).

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Hi TheLivingShadow! Thank you for posting your board at Runboard Directory. You look like you have a great start to your board.

I am adding your board to the INDEX in this forum.

Your other posts were deleted because one was tacked on to someone else's thread and the other did not have your board name as a title with a link to your board. You may post new in three categories using your board name and link. It is best to put a link in the body of the post in case your signature should be changed sometime in the future.


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