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RDS - 2015 - Gallery

In 2015 we changed the "Board of the Week" (BotW) into a semi-private RDS Staff selection process. It is semi-private in the sense that we no longer made this weekly contest open to the public but we still allow any Runboard user to nominate any board they wish for the BotW contest. The "Board of the Month" is now using a "vote plus comments poll" to give everyone a greater say in what message board wins and is now referred to as the "Battle of the Picks" with the winner being referred to as both the "Board of the Month" (BotM) and the "Board of the Picks" (BotP). The 2015 gallery uses the gold, cherry wood, and silver frames to enclose thumbnail images of the winning BotM and BotY message boards. Gold and Cherry Wood frames are clickable links that take you to the winning boards. For Runboard promotional purposes I have added simple "banners" to those message boards that do not use them so you can see the name of the winning board.

2015 Board of the Year
Marchemoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonApril
May emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon June
 July emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonAugust


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