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2017 Thunder & Lightning ~ Standings List ~

2017 Thunder & Lightning Contenders

A Board listed normally here has won the Runboard "Battle of the Picks" BotM title for the month listed. All BotM winners gain a automatic slot in the BotY round. A board listed in red (with "Ranking") is a Thunder road contender (nominees are selected by Ranking, TRD listing, and AI rank and listed in green when "locked in" for the finals.

Lightning Strike Nominees - Listed by Month: - Brotherhood Of The Bat ~ January ~

Thunder Road Contenders - Listed in order of appearance: - Rogues Holonet
    {pop = 7, listed, AI=32.62008} - Final Fantasy Dreams
    {pop = 5, listed, AI=11.64601} - Rogers Owners Forum
    {pop = 5, unlisted, AI=AI = 8.32067}

LEGEND:emoticonLightning Nominee BotM
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageemoticonemoticonThunder ContenderemoticonThunder NomineeemoticonAI=RDS Activity Index


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