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Women Wrestling Auditions April 18, 2020 Miami FL

Do you enjoy watching professional women wrestling, and have always wanted to wrestle as a Diva? Well, now you can become a female wrestler without giving up your career or family. Listen to this interview by one of the most exciting wrestlers in California. Are you a personal trainer, fitness model, fitness enthusiast or an athlete in good shape? Do you have the special look, attitude, and desire to get into the ring and be the knockout Diva? Watch this video--the thrill of the first wrestling match, the center ring, the competition. That's the look of the Diva in the ring. If that was exciting, watch this video. In the past, you had to perform on the circuit, train hard, pursue the many small venues to make it into the limelight (which very few ever do). But now, you can become one of 6-8 elite women, 19-38 years old, and one lead Diva who can showcase their beauty, strength and skills. Simone Sherie began her career doing internet matches and is now on Championship Wrestling in Hollywood. Auditions will be April 18, 2020. You don't have to choose between your career currently and being a wrestling diva. You will be part of an internet production that requires minimal time as taping is once every quarter from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. There are also special events during the late spring and summer for taping. A beach bash. Pool party. Summer Smash. All of these events are free marketing for building your own brand, and to create a wrestling following for your character. Unlike other wrestling organizations that require length time commitments with minimal compensation (to start), you can develop your personal brand both local and national, advance your career, and earn additional money. No prior wrestling experience required. The wrestling will combine the costumes and glamour of GLOW with the athleticism and dynamic wrestling of today's competition--only more realistic and glamorous. Great Diva costumes, elegant, powerful but intensely feminine combined combined with strong wrestling, powerful matches, and dominating performances. The process is to selecting female wrestlers with a glamorous look that translates into viewership and a loyal following. The matches include traditional women's wrestling with pins, submissions and intergender wrestling in an 18 foot ring. The auditions are for 4 hours and your individual wrestling outfits provided, hands-on instruction, and then paired with a partner(s). You will perform two or three 20 minute matches. You will be evaluated based upon your look, personality, confidence, athleticism, wrestling, and execution. If selected, you will soon begin taping for a promotional video to launch the league and after marketing to begin production for a Spring release. You will receive a contract and begin work as a Wrestling Diva. Its a great opportunity if you have the diva look, a fantastic shape, great personality, and athleticism. The wrestling attire is both revealing and appropriate and includes two-piece and one piece suits. Dr. Britt Baker, dentist and medical doctor, began wrestling and gained national prominence. The wrestling enables her to pursue her individual goals to help promote confidence, fitness, health, and children's fitness. No longer is there a choice, the long road to prominence. You can become a wrestling diva, develop a loyal local and national audience and have the ability to compete with other talented women. If you are interested, send me an text and be sure to include your height, weight, chest, waist, hips, and shoe sizes. Also three photographs. I am after a certain look for each of the wrestling spots so be sure to including full length, face shots and a two piece bathing suit to show your physique. As a wrestler you will wrestle in different outfits with various coverage. The auditions will be held in Miami and in Orlando. This is what a training match looks like and is non-stop for 20 minutes. If you are participating in the tryouts, I'll email the details, location, and what to bring for the workout. Women's wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports for women in America. If you have that special look, you can rise to the top quickly in modeling, fitness, and women's wrestling. Lacy, Brooke or Destiny have that physique and look. and // and // Please watch these wrestling videos as a guide to the wrestling style and physicality. Also, wrestling a male opponent. This is a contact sport which is physically demanding and requires a certain level of fitness, confidence, and conditioning. There are skill techniques to learn. If you like women's wrestling, you will learn how to perform in the ring, wear revealing costumes similar to those posted on this site, and begin wrestling and taking the center ring to dominate your opponent by submission or pin. Dressed powerfully and feminine, and your matches televised on the web. Text me today and begin your dream of being a wrestling Diva! AUDITIONS APRIL 18, 2020 IN MIAMI, FL. Contact me TODAY.Image

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Re: Women Wrestling Auditions April 18, 2020 Miami FL

Hi YankeeMan, This board is a place for Message Board Communities to advertise and for Users to have a bit of fun. Please, do not attempt to use TRD for postings outside of those guidelines. Your post would most likely be welcome on any of the Wrestling Message boards (such as this one), but further postings of this type will cause me to take administrative action.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


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