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WW2 Fred Tusker (or Tasker)

I live in Kent, while going through my late fathers old war photos I found a photo of 2 people, one in army uniform and the other not. Both look in their 20s. Neither are known to me. On the back of the photo is following "Dugie & Franco at Portsmouth 17/1/40" There is also an address on the back of the photo "Fred Tasker (or Tusker) 17 Colones Walk, Transhelt, Pontefract, Yorks" I it is possible that my dad knew them. I am assuming Dugie & Franco had the last name of Tusker/Tasker. My dad was part of the BEF and was captured at Dunkirk spending the war in stalag Xxa & xxb in Poland. It's Possibe that Doug & Franco were with him at some stage in the war. I am happy to return the photo to any member of the Tasker/Tusker family. I have checked and the address in Pontefract no longer exists. Hopefully there is someone in the Pontefract area who has local knowledge and can help me reunite the photo with the family. It would be a bonus is they had similar photos that may include my dad.

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Re: WW2 Fred Tusker (or Tasker)

Welcome to Runboard. You are wanting to post on the Pontefract and District FHS board. Click on the link below:


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