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Forum pics in wrong place?

I have added pics in my forum categories, but arn't they supposed to be in the column , like to the left of the headings?? Because mine is perhaps in the wrong place?

If so how do i change this.

Truly Annie
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Re: Forum pics in wrong place?

They are in the right place, but they are background images, so the text places itself on top of the pics
Your height is also set to 20px for all images, so they are cut in half, at least.
To have the full height, increase the height of the image

Look at your image width on the images you are using, then set the number of px in padding-left to be one px higher

Eg :

This image is 100px wideand 65 px high. The code should then be :
#fl_td_1_2 { display:block;
  height: 65px;
  padding-left: 101px;
background:url('') top left no-repeat;

Mind you, this trick looks neatest when you use small images in height, no more than 40px is recommended

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