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How do i change questions in register forum of my site

My mean how can i change register questions on my site because people are complaining like its asking for lot of formalities like secret question and link activation mail and give passward and all
i hope someone can help me thanks in advance emoticon
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Re: How do i change questions in register forum of my site

The email address is needed to:

1) Make sure real people are signing up for accounts and not some spam bot.

2) So people can retrieve their password if they forget it.

3) So people can receive emails from Runboard if the member chooses, such as replies to topics, PMs received, etc.

The secret question is there in case someone loses their password and is no longer using the email account on file, or can't get into it to retrieve their password for whatever reason.

Country: Like it says, it helps ensure that Runboard's pages run as quickly for you as possible.

Birth date is there to comply with COPPA law.

Click to say they've read the Terms of Service, well that's obvious.

Notice the letters in bold, which says everything below that point is optional.

I don't see them requiring information that isn't necessary (or in the case of asking for country, a nice extra for the member).

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