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The Runboard Support Board

Runboard Support

This is the flagship of the Runboard Community.

Run by Thor with assistance from his helpful team, it is the gathering place for Board Owners, Administrators, Moderators and Members who want to find out more about Runboard and its features.

Please note: for queries to do with non-standard features (drop down menus, images with titles, sidebars, shoutboxes, chat rooms, etc), please visit Runboard Extra! for advice and guidance.

Most of our thousands of board members are new to Runboard. They drop in for help and advice with their board and/or their membership. Many return on a regular basis with new queries or to check out what others are discovering in the world of Runboard.

There are also many more visitors who have found what they need without even posting.

The Support Board itself is deliberately kept simple. New members will often find it worthwhile to visit the FAQ forum first. That’s where such topics as “Board Owner Basics” and “User Posting Basics” can be found.

There are also search facilities on the Board to see if a particular query has already been asked and answered – this can be a great timesaver for visitors. However, if you cannot easily find the information needed, then the Q&A forum is the place to post.

Premium Members can avail themselves of the Premium Members Support forum

The Announcements forum is designed to keep Runboarders informed on happenings such a new features, planned events (eg. downtime, server updates/changes) and general matters of interest to users.

Other forums include:

Feature requests
Ask for and discuss missing features here.

Layouts and Skins
Design template layouts and win premium credits.

Very urgent stuff
Stuff that needs fixing NOW (Board Stoppers).

Bugs and fixes
Report ONLY bugs here. Fixes are posted here as well.

Features to come
What is probably going to be added.

Main chat
Whatever doesn't fit in other forums.

The Trashcan
Signature tests and such.

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